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TLM with pre-existing SystemC model.

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Some tools do this job for you automatically (like Mentor Vista). In fact your question needs comprehensive answer. I mean you're actually asking the philosophy of emerging and existence of TLM. Short answers to this question just would confound you. You may never find the answer of this question completely just by reading papers (even from IEEE) or looking at the samples due to the complexity of the matter.


I suggest you to find a "ground up" book for this question like the one that pre-exists for the SystemC named " SystemC from the Ground Up".


I suggest the book mentioned previously at below post. This is the only book available in the web related to TLM:



The other book is "TLM 2.0: From the Ground Up http://www.springer.com/engineering/circuits+%26+systems/book/978-1-4419-8791-4" that is expected to be available for public access in January 29, 2015 (if I am wrong please someone corrects me).


You could also look at:



http://www.accellera.org/downloads/standards/ocp/adm.zip may also help. It's based on OCP.

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