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Auto-generate doc script, UVM to HTML

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I have a question regarding Auto-generate doc script, UVM to HTML:

We're in a process of defining UVM coding guidelines in our group.

We would like to guide engineers to write code and comments in a way that a script can run to auto-generate HTML doc from comments (to document classes, functions, variables, macros, etc).

We've noticed that UVM class reference doc was auto-generated from comments in UVM library files.

does this script (that generate HTML) is part of UVM library ?

can we run it on our own code to generate HTML ? if yes, then how ?

Is it releated to $UVM_HOME/docs/html/javascript/ (main.js, searchdata.js) ?

What are the coding guidelines to support this script ?


it seems the script search for comments in such format:

// CLASS: uvm_sequencer #(REQ,RSP)

// Variable: seq_item_export

// Function: new

// Function: stop_sequences

// Title: Report Macros

// MACRO: `uvm_info

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the uvm doc is generated via natural docs. the developer repo contains an install+setup in order to generate the uvm doc . downside of natural docs is that only the special comments are extracted - what you miss to document is not part of the generated doc. intelligentdv (doxygen like documentation) or DVT both directly extract more information and are also extracting non documented functions or inheritance relations.


>can we run it on our own code to generate HTML ? if yes, then how ?

clone the devel repo, look at uvm_ref/nd/gen_nd also look at the config/setup files in uvm_ref/nd/Proj



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