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Huge sv file - vcs out of memory

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Hi all,

I've created a uvm sv file (it is actually a register block), which has the following format:


class X extends uvm_reg_block;


rand reg1 x1[255];

rand reg2 x2[255];

rand reg3 x3[255];

// and so on - thousands of registers (reg1,reg2,reg3 are rand classes).

constraint reg1_0_const {...};

constraint reg1_1_const {...};

constraint reg1_2_const {...};


constraint reg2_0_const {...};

constraint reg2_1_const {...};

constraint reg2_2_const {...};


constraint reg3_0_const {...};

constraint reg3_1_const {...};

constraint reg3_2_const {...};


Since I have a huge number of registers, and each register has several corresponding constraints (regarding each of its fields), the sum of the constraints is enormous  (>50K). when I try running a test with the following configuration, I get a vcs error which states "vcs Error-[NONMEM] Out of memory" (after getting "starting vcs inline pass").  I tried running with a 64 bit flag, but the problem remains. when I clear the constraint code (the main "X" class remains, but the constraints logic is omitted) the problem vanishes.
Is there a way to avoid this issue?
I don't really know why the problem occurs :
1. Is it just since the class has too many lines of code in it? if so, maybe splitting it to smaller classes and instantiating them in a higher level class would help?
2. Will splitting the class into several hierarchies and using inheritance might solve the problem?
I'd appreciate any idea.


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