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  1. Hi all, I've created a uvm sv file (it is actually a register block), which has the following format: class X extends uvm_reg_block; rand reg1 x1[255]; rand reg2 x2[255]; rand reg3 x3[255]; // and so on - thousands of registers (reg1,reg2,reg3 are rand classes). constraint reg1_0_const {...}; constraint reg1_1_const {...}; constraint reg1_2_const {...}; ... constraint reg2_0_const {...}; constraint reg2_1_const {...}; constraint reg2_2_const {...}; ... constraint reg3_0_const {...}; constraint reg3_1_const {...}; constraint reg3_2_const {...}; ... endclass Since I have a huge number of registers, and each register has several corresponding constraints (regarding each of its fields), the sum of the constraints is enormous (>50K). when I try running a test with the following configuration, I get a vcs error which states "vcs Error-[NONMEM] Out of memory" (after getting "starting vcs inline pass"). I tried running with a 64 bit flag, but the problem remains. when I clear the constraint code (the main "X" class remains, but the constraints logic is omitted) the problem vanishes. Is there a way to avoid this issue? I don't really know why the problem occurs : 1. Is it just since the class has too many lines of code in it? if so, maybe splitting it to smaller classes and instantiating them in a higher level class would help? 2. Will splitting the class into several hierarchies and using inheritance might solve the problem? I'd appreciate any idea. Thanks, Eyal.
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to access a verilog hierarchy which was generated by a generate block - but I'm having some problems with it. for example: verilog file: (let's assume it is located at "testbench" hierarchy, and an interface named "some_interface" is already defined) genvar i; generate for (i=0;i<3;i++) begin : GENERATE_HEADER some_interface some_interface_inst(clk); assign some_interface_inst.x=1'b0; assign some_interface_inst.y=1'b1; end endgenerate systemverilog file: virtual some_interface some_interface_arr[0:2]; for (int i=0;i<3;i++) some_interface_arr=testbench.GENERATE_HEADER.some_interface_inst; I believe I can't access a generated verilog hierarchy with a system-verilog for loop (variable i). Am I correct? and if so - is there a way to pass this obstacle? Thanks in advance, Eyal. P.s - What I'm generally trying to do is to get handles to the instantiated interfaces (some_interface) and pass them to system verilog objects in my testbench, using the virtual interface array.
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