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UVM do_copy function

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especially as a new user you should be using the uvm_field macros which implement lots of boilerplate code for you. then you dont need the do_* functions at all then. you really only need the do_* functions for special customized/super optimized code.


 i assume you refer to:


  //|  class mytype extends uvm_object;
  //|    ...
  //|    int f1;
  //|    function void do_copy (uvm_object rhs);
  //|      mytype rhs_;
  //|      super.do_copy(rhs);
  //|      $cast(rhs_,rhs);
  //|      field_1 = rhs_.field_1;
  //|    endfunction


the super.do_copy() is required to perform do_copy on base class fields and the cast is required to access the actual fields of the class (and not just those of the uvm_object base class)



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According to UVM/Guidelines 3.3 (05.Jan.2013), "Mentor Graphics does recommend writing your own do_copy(), do_compare(), do_print(), do_pack() and do_unpack() methods.... For example, when writing your own do_compare() function, two function calls will be executed to compare the data members in our class. When using the macros, 45 function calls are executed to do the same comparison."




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