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  1. Hi all, First I apologize if I am using the wrong forum for the question. Please, I would like to know whether someone here could give updates on uvm-sc status. When will a first public release be available ? Regards
  2. Hi all, Please, I would like to know if someone here is aware of any update/progress related to the "Implementation of a SystemC Assertion Library" developed by Wolfgang Ecker, Volkan Esen, Thomas Steininger, Michael Velten and Jacob Smit. Is that library available for download ? Thanks in advance, Fabio
  3. Hi, could you please share the title of such books ?
  4. class my_report_server extends uvm_report_server; virtual function string compose_message( uvm_severity severity, string name, string id, string message, string filename, int line ); uvm_severity_type severity_type = uvm_severity_type'(severity); // Original: return $psprintf( "%8s | %16s | %2d | %0t | %21s | %7s | %s", // severity_type.name(), filename, line, $time, name, id, message); return $psprintf( "%9s@%0t: [%30s] %s", severity_type.name(), $time, id, message); endfunction: compose_message endclass: my_report_server virtual class my_test_report extends uvm_test; my_report_server my_rpt_server; ... endclass: my_test_report class my_test_base extends my_test_report; ... endclass: my_test_base class my_specific_test1 extendes my_test_base; ... endclass: my_specific_test1 class my_specific_test2 extendes my_test_base; ... endclass: my_specific_test2
  5. Hi, According to UVM/Guidelines 3.3 (05.Jan.2013), "Mentor Graphics does recommend writing your own do_copy(), do_compare(), do_print(), do_pack() and do_unpack() methods.... For example, when writing your own do_compare() function, two function calls will be executed to compare the data members in our class. When using the macros, 45 function calls are executed to do the same comparison." Thanks, Fabio
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