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System C wrapper for Java?


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As far as I remember, Java allows for a complicated way to interact

with native code. At the time I worked on it (because my boss wanted

it) it was very difficult to set up to work just right, and there was no

way to determine easily what the problem was, when some code did

not work  In my humble opinion, C/C++ performs so much better than

Java in terms of usability, why even bother with a Java wrapper ? I

mean a systems designer would be far more interested in how his

model behaved than waste time trying to get a Java wrapper to work

right. I have noticed colleagues of mine who spend a lot of time

trying to set up Eclipse to work with C++ and SystemC, but that

time could be profitably spent on analysing their design.


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What do you plan to do with java ?

In contrary to dokupotos reply, i experienced that java can have better performace than C++ if its done right.(http://toem.de/index.php/spin)

I see the problems in the different threading models.

But back to my question, it depends on what to do with java, just controlling a process or being part of a process.




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