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  1. Hi all, there is a new linkedin group for impuse specific questions https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Eclipse-Impulse-Users-8204269. thanks, thomas
  2. Hi Torsten, took quite a long time but now there is a log 10 domain axis available. You can set it for the whole configuration tree or per folder. cheers, thomas
  3. Hi Torsten, all the issues in the first mail are correct (beside dat :-) ). Most of them are known but still on a list somewhere. Will keep you updated on them. For the second mail, i might make you happy. With the next release there will be productions available. One is based on javascript. The script is designed in a way so that you can create any kind of signal with it. A simple one looks like: for (var iter = new SamplesIterator(input);iter.hasNext(){ var current = iter.next(); out0.write(current,false,in0.floatValue()*Math.sin(current/1000.)); } Will overlay a signal with a sin curve. Would be great to have a first user ! Guess it will be released next week. Docu will follow. cheers, thomas
  4. Hi Torsten, Markers are now available. So you can add to any signal an annotation, a task or bookmark. If you use an annotation, the text will contain the actual value. cheers, thomas
  5. Hi Daneil, took some time as i was preparing 0.6.0. This is now ready, the fix is inside (but does not paint it red- this will come later. regards, thomas
  6. Hi Daniel, I guess you are talking about tabular files ?! Could you send me an example ? This could be done via the conflict flag (each sample has that flag - and get painted red usually ). regards, thomas
  7. Hi Sumit, just some tought on this. I had similar ideas when i was covered with the spin simulator. If you want to keep a "systemC sync" on all processes you probably have to give more effort than you can take from it. A solution could be to allow async for a given amout (like tlm). In spin you have the possibility to do parallel calculation for a given "simulator time". In these proclets you calculate but can not change any signals, and change signals when your are out and back in sync. The same you can do in systemC. Doing parallell calculations in a seperate "real" thread, but keep systemC running in its own process means. regards, thomas
  8. Hi Sumit and Torsten, 0.5.16 is out. It has a new View "Signal Table" that allows to * sort * filter * view data (columns) The input of the table can be bound to * the current editor * selection of a view (explorer) * fixed The displayed contents can be * the slected element * its children * all children below (tribe) Also new are first means to modify (edit) signal files by modifying its hierarchy (copy/paste). regards, thomas
  9. Scripting is already inside for searching patterns(its java script). There will be a possibility to do statistics with it and define calculated channels. But not imeediate.
  10. >>1. Select-All feature : Select all works everywhere apart from where it is mostly needed, the signal selection pane (left bottom pane which shows signals in a particular hierarchy). Yes you are right. >> 2. Impulse first drawing : The feature works, thanks for that. But now it includes some values which are not visible. I would be happy if every smallest possible changes are visible. Do you have an example - example file. >> With the statistics work started, you have taken a big load on yourself. Good luck with it and please let me know if you need help on the way. I focus on means. Not on implementing all possible statistical operations. So ther will be an outcome quite soon. It shall be possible that user can implement their own functions. But i need to know what can be possible requirements. And i will implement a couple of maybe 10 general purpose function (your input is welcome). regards, thomas
  11. Just a question. Is there a need for real data with precision > double ? I was just working with Java type BigDecimal for axes (to avoid rounding errors). regards, thomas
  12. Hi Sumit, hierarchy resolver is working in impulse 0.5.15 . please have a try. Statistics work has started. Will take some time. regards, thomas
  13. Hallo Kocha, many thanks for the hint. regards, thomas
  14. I probably will not implement, but but your wishes help me to understand the needs !! So they will get into the extension interfaces. Please go on ! Java and eclipse makes it possible that you can add a lot with real low effort. I started a series about extension intercaces last week. http://toem.de/index.php/projects/impulse/articles regards, thomas
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