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  1. Hello Sir, Apart from the fact that a 'SC_THREAD' is executed exactly once while a 'SC_METHOD' multiple times, what is the result of applying the infinite loop into your method ? Please note that SystemC is an event-driven simulator. and in in your method : void StimGen() { cout << sc_time_stamp() << "Hello World!\n"; } what is there to indicate to the runtime kernel that this method needs to be invoked with each rising edge of the clock ? So obviously, the method is never invoked. Please think about it, and it will immediately solve your problem.
  2. It should run just fine. The following is the partial output from a Fedora 18 machine with the gcc compiler suite and SystemC 2.3.1. ........ ........ 1073320 nsHello World! 1073330 nsHello World! 1073340 nsHello World! 1073350 nsHello World! 1073360 nsHello World! 1073370 nsHello World! 1073380 nsHello World! 1073390 nsHello World! 1073400 nsHello World! 1073410 nsHello World! 1073420 nsHello World! 1073430 nsHello World! 1073440 nsHello World! 1073450 nsHello World! 1073460 nsHello World! 1073470 nsHello World! 1073480 nsHello World! 1073490 nsHello World! ....... ....
  3. Absolutely true. In fact, using the wait- notify pair is tricky, because one has to very carefully and manually track events. Also, if there are to many events waiting on events, funy things might happen if some event is lost (e.g., event queue is full etc.,)
  4. Hello Sir, Your questions are very broad. Please look up a good reference on SystemC first for the detailed information.
  5. Dear Sir, Unfortunately high level tools as SystemC linearize and abstract out almost all of a typical circuit's physical characteristics and therefore the resulting simulation just provides a brief overview of circuit behavior - there is NO information on perfromance characteristics. For performance characteristics, one has to depend on good old SPICE. An inteeligent student should recognize this issue, or his/her instructor should point it out.
  6. Dear Sir, Ir is not always possible to have a clock - consider pure combinational logic circuits. In this case, the output is synchronized to each of the inputs, and the output changes if ANY of the inputs change.
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