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3 TLMs between sequencer and driver?

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Hello all,


Can I have 3 TLMs connected between a single sequencer and a single driver in UVM? In other words, I want 3 pipes/TLM connections to send three different kind of packets to the same driver from the same sequencer. Or in other words, can a sequencer has 3 exports? Can a diver has 3 ports, so that they can be connected with each other?


Please guide, thanks

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No need.  You can have your sequencer send down the packet streams in parallel threads, and define your sequence arbitration scheme however you wish (or leave it default if that's good enough).  You could also set up a single stream that can mix up the packet types using random constraints or whatever.


Technically, you could add more TLM connections between the sequencer and driver, but that's probably unnecessary.  Besides, the driver can only push one packet at a time onto your interface, so the infrastructure that already exists between the sequencer and driver works quite well in a lot of cases.

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Hello mea1201,

Actually I need to send different kind of data pkts. In here, there will be a traffic to send only NACK(for missed pkts) bytes (received from monitor) to be sent to the driver. This is high priority data. So I want to know that, there is a single driver, and it can receive one pkt at a time through get_next_item. I am not able to know how the driver would know/respond to these priorities? I mean the driver should respond to these NACK bytes first and not to the normal traffic pkts. It may be possible by setting the priority of sequences from sequencer. Is that correct? Please guide me through. 


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