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  1. Thanks mea1201 for your feedback. Let me try that and I will let you know. I appreciate your help.
  2. Hello all, Can A variable defined and used in one task, in one class, be used as it is in another class?But these two classes are completely independent of each other,in other words, they are not inherited from one another. So with this situation, can a variable defined in class Driver, be utilized in class monitor? For eg, I need to use a variable pkt_length (defined and used in driver class) in monitor class also so that I can use it in order to get the packets unpacked in monitor class. Please help me with this querry. Thanks,
  3. Thanks to both Mea1201 and Dave, as I am new to uvm, your suggestions really helped me. I totally appreciate it, Thanks again.
  4. Can some body please help me to solve the above issue? I want to unpack dynamic array payload[] without using any external parameter for its size in do_pack(packer) function. Its very urgent. any help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello Mahee, Thanks for your reply. I tried to work on your suggestion but its not working. Its not unpacking the payload size in the received packet in monitor. Can you please give some more elaboration on its use, especially in pack and unpack function in my transaction class? Also In order to use data, will I have to declare it as another parameter in the packet structure? I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can any UVM geek please help me out with this error/querry. I would appreciate it. Thanks
  7. Hello all, I am stuck at one place. I want to unpack my payload bytes which are actually produced by dynamic array. Some uvm geeks suggested me to use another parameter,length, in order to unpack the size of the payload but the specifications doesnt allow me to do that. Please find below the transaction class code. And some part of monitor class run phase. Transaction class:- class transaction extends uvm_sequence_item; rand bit [7:0] sync; rand bit [7:0] sof; rand bit [15:0] header; rand bit [7:0] payload[]; rand bit [15:0] crc; rand bit [7:0] eof; //rand bit [7:0] length;
  8. Hello Alan, I am a member on supportnet but I am not able to find any links to questa downloads which can take me to gcc compiler link. Can you plz provide the link here? Thanks, Swapnil
  9. Can anyone plz give me the link to download questasim-gcc-4.2.1-mingw32vc9.zip file? I am not getting any link to download it. Its not available on questa site as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Swapnil
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