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Nesting of frames in UVM?

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Hello all,


I want to create nested frames/packets. My packet structure is shown below. I want to have nested frames(one or more frames within another frame) starting from 2nd byte of header and before the EOF/EOT. Please give me some guidance of how to include nested frames into another frames in UVM? What are the methods/macros in UVM which will be usefull in this regard. 



       rand bit [7:0] sync;      

       rand bit [7:0] sof;  

       rand bit [15:0] header; 

       rand bit [7:0] payload[];       

       rand bit [15:0] crc;

       rand bit [7:0] eof; //Or EOT(end of transmission)



Any help/suggestion is appreciated.


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If you're talking about different encapsulations, then you can go about it in one of two possible ways:

  1. Define a single packet model that is flat, and includes knobs (random and non-random) to determine if a particular header is present or not.
  2. Define a class hierarchy/family of packet types.

I think #1 is simpler and less unwieldy to deal with.


Does that sort of address your question?

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