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inconsistent with 'net' object.

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hi i am new to UVM. In my design i have in-out port so interface i declared as wire.

while run the design by using make i got the one error :

** Error: (vsim-3044) ../uvc/i2c_slave_driver.sv(55): Usage of 'vif.sda' inconsistent with 'net' object.

here sda is in-out singal and vif is virtual interface of the design.

can any one help me to solve this problem..

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Hi sagar this is my interface code of i2c

interface i2c_if (input wb_clk_i);

logic wb_rst_i; // synchronous active high reset

logic arst_i; // asynchronous reset

logic [2:0] wb_adr_i; // lower address bits

logic [7:0] wb_dat_i; // databus logic

logic [7:0] wb_dat_o; // databus output

logic wb_we_i; // write enable logic

logic wb_stb_i; // stobe/core select signal

logic wb_cyc_i; // valid bus cycle logic

logic wb_ack_o; // bus cycle acknowledge output

logic wb_inta_o; // interrupt request signal output

logic scl;

wire sda;

logic i2c_ack;




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