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creating parameterized class (virtual interface) using factory

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I am trying to create a class using factory type_id:: create method and pass virtual interface type as parameter. But i am getting compile error with interface type not compatible.

But, If i try to create the class using default "new" method. Everything works fine. Then i can assign the virtual interface any handle using dot "." operator.

So the question is does factory type_id create method allows creating classes having interface as parameter?

I have created two interface and created one env class that can take interface as parameter. In the top while declaring the ENV class. I am defining both instance with respective interface type. Later while creating, I used factory method which gives compile error. If i replace the factory instance with legacy new method. All works fine.

Code looks like :


interface bist_inf (...);



interface l2bist_inf (...);



typedef virtual bist_inf bist_vif;

class bist_env #(type vif=bist_vif) extends uvm_env ;




class basic_test extends uvm_test;

typedef virtual bist_inf L1_bist_vif;

typedef virtual l2bist_inf L2_bist_vif;

bist_env #(virtual bist_inf) env_bist_wrap2;

bist_env #(virtual l2bist_inf) env_bist_wrap3;

virtual function void build_phase(uvm_phase);


env_bist_wrap2 = bist_env#(virtual bist_inf)::type_id::create("env_bist_wrap2", this);

env_bist_wrap3 = bist_env #(virtual l2bist_inf)::type_id::create("env_bist_wrap3", this);




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Below is the error message.

We are creating two classes. One with interface bist_inf and another with l2bist_inf. There is no compile error for creation of first class which is explained below.

Line in the error message correspond to

env_bist_wrap3 = bist_env #(virtual l2bist_inf)::type_id::create("env_bist_wrap3", this);

As the class bist_env is declared with type "type vif=bist_vif" and bist_vif is declared as follows

typedef virtual bist_inf bist_vif;"

So to me it looks like Factory is treating class "bist_env" of type bist_inf. This is because if i replace the typedef and point bist_vif to other interface which is " l2bist_inf". Then i compile error on creation of first class which is associated with bist_inf.


Error-[sV-ICA] Illegal class assignment

.....cpa_tests.sv, 86

"this.env_bist_wrap3 = uvm_pkg::__vcs_dummy_uvm_component_registry_20_.create("env_bist_wrap3", this, "\000");"



this, "\000")' on rhs is not a class or a compatible class and hence cannot

be assigned to a class handle on lhs.

Please make sure that the lhs and rhs expressions are compatible.

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How have you registered bist_env with the factory?

When we register a component with factory like:-

`uvm_component_param_utils(bist_env #(virtual bist_inf) )

and call create method:-

env_bist_wrap2 = bist_env#(virtual bist_inf)::type_id::create("env_bist_wrap2", this);

env_bist_wrap3 = bist_env #(virtual l2bist_inf)::type_id::create("env_bist_wrap3", this);

Here,bist_env is the one registered with the factory for the parameter type bist_inf and not l2bist_inf.

as create definition goes like :-

static function T create(string name, uvm_component parent, ...);

31 uvm_object obj;

32 uvm_factory f = uvm_factory::get();

33 ...

34 obj = f.create_component_by_type(get(),contxt,name,parent);

35 if (!$cast(create, obj)) begin

36 string msg;

37 msg = {<"... error message ...">};

38 uvm_report_fatal("FCTTYP", msg, UVM_NONE);

39 end

40 endfunction

Here T is the uvm_component registered with the factory in your case bist_env#(virtual bist_inf).

I guess that is why there is a difference when you are using "new" and "create".

For more information you can look into uvm_registry.svh header.

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@ shalsays

Yes! I registers the class to the factory with parameter. Only mistake was...

Class is declared as

class bist_env #(type vif=bist_vif) extends uvm_env ;


I was doing `uvm_component_param_utils(bist_env #(bist_vif) )

Now, I though bist_vif is declared as "typedef virtual interface bist_inf". So it would be treated as virtual. But that's actually a type and not parameter name.

Now when registering to factory i gave "vif" and all works well..

`uvm_component_param_utils(bist_env #(vif) )

Does UVM ignores this, and treat it as nothing is passed as parameter.

Thanks shalsays for pointing me to factory registration.

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Good to see that my explanation could solve your problem :)

The registered component will have parameter as interface.

As the "type vif =bist_vif" will make vif as interface type.

So, in your case you are passing an interface type as a parameter while registering.

Now, that interface can be bist_inf or l2bist_inf.

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