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Steps to run an UVM example?

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Can some one plz tell me the proper steps with commands to run an UVM example using questasim10.0b in windows 64 bit OS?

Do I need to use makefile? If yes, how do I use it? What are makefiles used for? what are makefile.ius , makefile.questa , makefile.vcs files? What are DPI compiled libraries?

I simply wants to run hello world example given in the uvm1.0p1 library. If it is ready to go example, then why does it give me so many errors in every .sv file I compile?

what are uvm.svh and uvm_macros.svh files?

Please guide me as I am totally new to all this UVM environment.

Thanks in advance.

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Looks you downloaded an example from the web and trying to run with modelsim 10.0b

2) to compile with Modelsim use the makefile.questa

I would do this copy makefile.questa as Makefile

Then do gmake and it would be fine .

3)If you wanted to see the compile command do this

gmake -n >run.csh

chmod 775 run.csh


[ We are just trying to make a run script without any makefiles ]

Hope this works!

4) If you are using VCS simulator -then makefile.vcs if cadence simulator then makefile.ius as simple as it

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Hello Hash, Thanks for your reply and inportant information.

How do I run this Makefile. It says invalid command gmake. I am using questasim10.0b with windows 64 bit OS.

I cant find this command in questa reference manual booklet also. So can you tell me the complet command I would need? is it gmake Makefile OR gmake makfile.do OR anything else?

What are these DPI libraries? Do I need to compile them separately just in order to rum a simple hello world UVM example?

Plz guide me through. Thanks in advane.

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Dear Sir, Sorry to say but it still say the same thing "invalid command". Can u plz give me the proper complete command? Also I am running the commands in transcript window. I hope thats ok, right? In the makefile do I have to replace UVM_HOME with the path of uvm library in the tool, in the complete makefile? Do I have to change anything else in the makefile or shall I run it without making any change in the makefile? Plz guide me?

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