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  1. As far as i know we connect using TLM's and not sure if there is any other way. TLM is nothing but a FIFO ,you read /write out of it
  2. Looks you are using VCS If yes, what command line are you using?
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me in which UVM phase the T/B components are compiled? -Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Dave_345. If i got it right, the difference between new() & create() is object over riding? Can anyone please help with an example or point to any reference? -Thanks in advance Hash
  5. Hi, Iam new to UVM and trying to understand the concepts. Iam not very sure why we use "create " in UVM when we have the "new" already? Can anyone help me understand the basic difference between the two & why we need "Create" in UVM? -Thanks in advance Hash
  6. Believe SystemC models are connected to SV/UVM by TLM Thanks Guy , nice information
  7. Hi Uwe, Thank You Yes, this is a broken install issue with the OS & fixed it ! Had an issue with some other test and with the cadence support documentation , got it fixed from IT -BR
  8. Hi Uwe I am trying to run an example from /uvm-1.1/uvm_lib/uvm_sv/examples/simple/trivial under cadence installation 2)My command line is //////////////////////////////// irun -uvm component.sv //////////////////////////////// 3)I could still see the issue as below //////////////// ncsim: *E,IMPDLL: Unable to load the implicit shared object. OSDLERROR: /home/xyz/Cadence_Examples/uvm-1.1/uvm_lib/uvm_sv/examples/simple/trivial/INCA_libs/worklib/test/sv/_sv_export.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory or file is not valid ELFCLASS32 library.. ncsim> source /opt/cadence_11.10.067/installs/INCISIV111/tools/inca/files/ncsimrc //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3)Can you comment on this? -BR
  9. Hi Femi I could find the uvm_users_guide_1.1.pdf under the docs section of Cadence installations But Iam not sure where is this uvm_migration.pdf -Thanks
  10. Hi Femi >>>Which version simulator/uvm are you using Am using 11.10-s067 2)I dont see any issues with the simulation and could see the simulation time too Hi Uwe Yes, I could see a run time warning that things are deprecated 2)Do i need to make the code conversion from DEPRECATED to UVM compliance? As of now I dont see any issues with my test except for the UVM_DEPRECATED messages @ run time -BR
  11. Hi Femi >>Which version simulator/uvm are you using ? My Cadence Verison is 11.10-s067 and no issues with simulation as it could see the simulation time! Hi Uwe Yes, I could see a run time warning that things are deprecated! Please let me know if i need to do the code conversion from DEPRECATED to UVM compliance now? BR
  12. Hi Uwe In my Log , I could see this UVM_DEPRECATED & UVM_WARNING messages about my sequences i.e uvm_simple_sequence is deprecated and test is passing! Can share your thoughts if i need to upgrade my code and also about the non-deprecated features like? -Best Regards //////////////////////////////////// [uVM_DEPRECATED] 5 //////////////////////////////////
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