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Iam new to UVM ,when i compile my test could see the UVM_FATAL error (as below), Can anyone help me understand on how to go about this errors?


UVM_WARNING @ 0: reporter [bDTYP] Cannot create a component of type

'abc' because it is not registered with the factory.

UVM_FATAL @ 0: reporter [iNVTST] Requested test from command line

+UVM_TESTNAME=abc not found.


2)Google search gave some information as below


If the run_test() test name argument included in the top-module has not been registered in the UVM factory, or if the

+UVM_TESTNAME test name has not been registered in the UVM factory, then UVM reports this error.


Can anyone help me with some inputs on how to fix this error?

-Thanks in advance

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take a look at this tutorial: http://www.testbench.in/UT_00_INDEX.html

For your fatal error in specific, take a look at the 'Testcase source code' at http://www.testbench.in/UT_02_UVM_TESTBENCH.html

Your simulation will probably not run correctly if you don't fix that warning as well. Check if you called the factory registration macros for the 'abc' class and if you constructed it by calling the function 'new()' inside the class. An example is included in the above mentioned tutorial.

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Iam still struck ,can anyone help here?

Iam working on an enhancement and nothing is changed(T/B&RTL) from the model X and to this model Y except for the scripting/infrastructure changes

The Golden model works fine with the enhanced infrastructure/scripts without any issues and dont see any UVM_FATAL .

Iam not able to understand from where is this UVM_FATAL is coming from..!

Any insights?

-Thanks in advance

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