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Sequence/test library file vs sequence/test files

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I am wondering if there is any recommendation on how to organize UVM sequence and test class files. Currently we use a single sequence library file and individual test class files. If we use a single library file, the file can gets huge and it is hard to manage with multiple people writing sequences. At the same time, it is nice to be able to see the list of classes in a single file and is easy to copy existing sequence to a new one. I was leaning toward creating a file per class but I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts and experiences with test case management.


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Hi Peter,

thank you for your response. It is good to know how other companies handle test management. As I organize sequences, it seems that it is easier to manage in a file than multiple files. I think we will not have many sequences if we manage code right. So we decided to stick with a file library for sequences for now. We plan to keep a test class per file for now, but we might consider consolidating test library later.

If you don't mind answering my question, do you have multiple configuration objects in your environment? Utilizing configuration files make big difference on test/sequence management. I am considering adding a configuration class which will carry values that will be programmed to registers thru bus interface. Sequences will source the configuration and get the values to be programmed to registers. The values in the configuration will be change in the test class. In this way, we will have less sequences and can customize register test from test class.

If you or anyone have comments on configuration management, I appreciate it.

Thank you!

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