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Displaying only UVM_LOW and UVM_HIGH log infos


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Hello Mahesh,

This is an unusual request but I have attached an example for you that uses the report catcher.

You do have the ability to filter messages based on an instance instead of global verbosity if that will help.

Anyway here is the example - I hope it helps: (You will need to run with +UVM_VERBOSITY=UVM_HIGH)



module test;

import uvm_pkg::*;

`include "uvm_macros.svh"

class verbosity_catcher extends uvm_report_catcher;

virtual function action_e catch();

case (get_verbosity())

UVM_LOW, UVM_NONE, UVM_HIGH: return THROW; // Only return LOW, HIGH and NONE

default : return CAUGHT; // do nothing with this message




verbosity_catcher catcher = new();

initial begin

uvm_report_cb::add(null, catcher);

`uvm_info("MYID", "UVM_LOW: This one should be printed", UVM_LOW);

`uvm_info("MYID", "UVM_MEDIUM: This one should NOT be printed", UVM_MEDIUM);

`uvm_info("MYID", "UVM_HIGH: This one should be printed", UVM_HIGH);

`uvm_info("MYID", "UVM_HIGH+1: This one should NOT be printed", UVM_HIGH+1);

`uvm_info("MYID", "UVM_FULL: This one should NOT be printed", UVM_FULL);




UVM_INFO message_callback_test.sv(23) @ 0: reporter [MYID] UVM_LOW: This one should be printed

UVM_INFO message_callback_test.sv(25) @ 0: reporter [MYID] UVM_HIGH: This one should be printed


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Thank you very much for replying with your valuable feedback. I want to share something relevant to your post as follows;

I've tried with +uvm_set_verbosity=run,uvm_test_top.env_0.agent_0,monitor_tx,50 option from command line for controlling UVM_INFO messages with in a particular component and its associated children.

But anyhow, Your post might helpful for me than my work done using +uvm_set_verbosity.




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