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solve before with size of dynamic array

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In this following code example,

class test;
rand bit [7:0] da[];
rand int unsigned len;
constraint cst_len { len inside { 2, 4, 8 }; }
constraint cst {
da.size == len;
solve len before da.size;

The issue is from "solve len before da.size".

It was working with some simulator. Now it stops working on the uvm platform with all simulators.

The intent is clear: find out the len value first and allocate that amount of memory and produce random number for each array element.

So the question we have:

1) is it legal sv code?

2) is it really necessary?

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If you don't need constraints on the payload/dynamic array contents, a better approach would be to use the simple $urandom as below:

class test;

bit [7:0] da[];

rand int unsigned len;

constraint cst_len { len inside { 2, 4, 8 }; }

function void post_randomize;

da = new[this.len];

foreach (da )

da = $urandom;

$display ("%p", this);

$display ("da.size: %0d", da.size);

endfunction : post_randomize

endclass : test

program p;

test t0;

initial begin : test

t0 = new;

a1: assert (t0.randomize);

end : test

endprogram : p


Ajeetha, CVC


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