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Why systemC?

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I have some doubts regarding systemC, please help me 



What are the main advantages of systemC compare to the other modelling languages?


why architects choose this language ?


In the Behavioural Modelling how ever we are implementing the functionality using systemC, with this model we can move from netlist to GDSII, but this model is not used for synthesis, and we are again writing the RTL coding and move to the futher steps, why?


Why many companies are not using SystemC?

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Briefly (because you can find a lot more on this topic if you browse the web, or take a class):


1. SystemC is usually focused above RTL and models typically provide much less detail. This means it can be written in less time, and makes it run much faster.

2. SystemC is a standardized (IEEE-1666-2011) modeling language with a LOT of EDA vendor tool support.

3. SystemC can be used for High Level Synthesis, which creates RTL (e.g. Verilog or VHDL).

4. SystemC can be used as a reference model for verification.

5. SystemC is very compatible with software since it is really just a C++ library, and means software folks can understand more easily.

6. SystemC can run fast enough that it is an acceptable virtual platform to develop software on before hardware is available (RTL runs much too slowly).

7. SystemC has an open-source free implementation to get you started, and only requires a good text editor and C++ compiler develop.

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