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  1. Following piece of code should work. void proc() { bool tmp; tmp = a.read(); o.write(~tmp); }
  2. Hello Sir dakupoto, I completely agree with you. As a beginner to SystemC(or C/C++ programming in general), I had faced some issues when trying to use SystemC after its installation(following instructions in INSTALL) on my Ubuntu system. I was unable to link SystemC shared library. Later I figured out LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable was not set somehow which caused me trouble. This is when the above link came to my rescue. As a beginner, I am not sure if this has to be taken care by user or installation process itself.
  3. I am using SystemC 2.3.0 Library on Ubuntu 64 bit system. I have followed instructions on the below link. It helped me. Hope that helps you also. http://vinaydvd.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/installing-systemc-in-ubuntu/
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