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Peek port usage

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I have an environment with 3 agents (ag1, ag2,ag3). I want to control the scheduling of 2 sequencers with the help of a signal defined in 3rd sequencer.

sequencer1: "req.en"





The sequencer1 has a "en" signal which decides weather seq2 or seq3 will work first.

I want both the sequencer to work but wrt to the "en" signal they should be scheduled.

I am not sure but I think peek port will be the best option to do so?

Which is the best place to define the peek port monitor,sequencer?

Can anyone help me with a example how to use it.

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not sure what you mean with "control the scheduling of 2 seqeuncers"? do you want to control which path the data should go?, which is invoked in the simulation cycle first? ...

from an high level perspective it sounds you want a virtual sequence and tell which sequencer should execute it, right?

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Yes, I have a virtual sequencer which instantiate all the 3 sequencers. Now the problem is that one of the signal (req.en) in a sequencer controles the operation of the other two as explained.

If en=1 then one of the sequencer drives the data to the DUV and if en=0 the other works.

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conceptually sequencers work all the time. they take data from all running sequences on demand and provide it to the driver (+arbitration,+randomization,...). what you want is to redirect your traffic to either seqr2 or seqr3 (and not switch on/off sequencers). you can do something like:





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