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query regarding conversion of test bench from ovm to uvm

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Hello ,

I have one requirement in which I want to convert my tesbench (which instantiate multiple OVCs) from OVM to UVM

Before I convert whole OVC into UVC , is it possible to change only top testbench from OVM to UVM without changing sub level components (and OVCs) which are used in that test bench into UVM ? Or we must have to change whole test bench and OVCs into UVM compliant ?


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basically you got the following:

- running OVM/UVM in co-existence mode (no no dependencies, no direct interaction): this should work out of the box (but thats not what you want)

- running OVM/UVM jointly: requires several things incl. phase synchronization - NOT really recommended

- convert all OVM to UVM using the script - typically the fastest route

- use a facade around uvm exposing it as ovm. kind of

typedef uvm_void ovm_void;

typedef uvm_root ovm_root;

typedef uvm_factory ovm_factory;

typedef uvm_object ovm_object;

typedef uvm_transaction ovm_transaction;

typedef uvm_component ovm_component;


this CAN work but might get problematic if you are using or utilizing OVM specials.

so yes there are some way to do that but as jade says typically its best and fastest to migrate. in addition to the other ways this path is known and quite some documentation exists.


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