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self aborting sequence

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I have a requirement where sequence needs to kill itself, if some condition is satisfied. I am using "disable" to do it.

In the body of the sequence, I have something like this:


begin: name

do something;


disable name;

do something else;


It works but is there a better way to do this in UVM/OVM?

Thanks and Regards,

Manju Shetty

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i would avoid using thread/process like commands on an executing sequence like fork/join/kill/suspend/disable. the reason for this is that inside the sequencer/sequence/driver there are handshakes and other processes working. forcefully ending parts of the engine may cause hangs, lockups etc. you may have a look at the mantis collection showing some issues. if you really want a sequence to stop you should be using the official api "seq.kill()" or as hook "do_kill()"


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