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Remote Access with uvm_reg_field

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I have a design where a bit field in a register modifies a remote bit field in another register. In another case, it actually returns the value of another bit field when read.

The configure and the access related methods for uvm_reg_field do not seem to have a way to specify this type of remote access. I can set W1S or W1C, but it applies to the uvm_reg_field accessed and not the remore uvm_reg_field.

Am I missing a way to do this that already exists?

If not, is there a good methodology to do this?

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Hi Harry,

I think that this is outside basic UVM and IP-XACT terminology, but have a look at the UVM Register Callbacks (uvm_reg_cb) http://www.vmmcentral.org/uvm_vmm_ik/files3/reg/uvm_reg_cbs-svh.html and the uvm_reg_field:: predict method. Combining those two may be able to do it. I hope this helps.

Best Regards


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