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interface must be assigned a matching interface or virtual interface


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I have a 'parametrised' module(lets say mod) that has a 'parameterized' interface (lets say intf) inside it . I do the following in my top module:



uvm_config_db #(virtual intf)::set(null, "uvm_test_top", "vif", test_mod.test_intf);




test_mod is an instance of type mod (instantiated in top module). test_intf is an instance of type intf instantiated inside module mod. I tried to use permit_unmatched_virtual_intf flag with vsim command but I still get the error "interface must be assigned a matching interface or virtual interface".

I changed the above line to:

uvm_config_db #(virtual intf#(LINK_SPEED(4'h2))::set(null, "uvm_test_top", "vif", test_mod.test_intf);

Where LINK_SPEED is the parameter. Now this gives me the next error("[NOVIF] virtual interface must be set for: uvm_test_top.vif") in uvm_test class where I do the following in the build phase:

if(!uvm_config_db#( virtual intf)::get(this, "", "vif", hook))

`uvm_fatal("NOVIF",{"virtual interface must be set for: ",get_full_name(),".vif"});

hook is declared as : virtual intf hook. If I try to parameterize the hook declaration and the above statement, I go back to the original error. Can somebody help ? I have questa sim 10.0d

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Hi All,

I have;


Interface code is as follows;

interface intf #(int DATA=32) ();



Main testcase code is as follows;

class main_test extends uvm_test;

typedef virtual intf#(DATA) i_intf;


if (!uvm_config_db #(i_intf) ::get(this, ....))

Param_pkg is as follows;

package test_param;
localparam DATA=32;


Now, when running the testcase with Questa 10.5, it gives an error;
Virtual Interface Resolution Cannot Find a Matching Instance for 'virtual intf #32'

I have gone through the similar queries from this forum and I have tried;

1) Replacing DATA as 32 in main_test, but still the error remains same.
2) Replacing code in main_test;
if (!uvm_config_db #(i_intf) ::get(this, ....)) with
if (!uvm_config_db #(i_intf #(32) ) ::get(this, ....))

but I could not find the solution.

May I know how to use the command in vsim "-permit_unmatched_virtual_int". 

My script looks like;

vlib $work

vmap work $work

vlog file1.svh

vopt top -o top_opt

vsim  -t  1ps  -c  top_opt  -permit_unmatched_virtual_int  +define+RTL  +define+AXI  .....   +UVM_TESTNAME=test  -do  "run  -a; q"

Now received one more error;

**Error: (vish-3296) Unknown option -permit_unmatched_virtual_int

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