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Grabbing single sequencer by multiple sequences

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For out DUT we have multiple interrupts, and these multiple interrupts can come at same time. These multiple interrupt will be using same sequencer to perform its ISR. We are trying to implement it with grab/ungrab single sequencer. Is there any utility in UVM to use semaphore related structure for this type of problems. Or there is any other better way to perform these Concurrent Interrupts.

Thanks and Regards


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Request for more information.

Why does the grab/ungrab fail to solve your problem?

Have you considered putting the sequences into a top-level sequence that forks different threads and have the interrupt thread disable the other threads either by name using disable <thread_name> or as a group using disable_fork when needed?

A little more info could help us propose possible solutions.

Regards - Cliff Cummings

Verliog & SystemVerilog Guru

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