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Configuration visibility from transaction(sequence_item) file

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Hi UVM experts,

I want to use members of configuration object in transaction file and there is an example below, How can transaction access to configuration object? (I have use uvm_config_db::set to put my_cfg into resourse database, but I'm confused about how and when to use uvm_config_db::get to get my_cfg information from database.)

class my_cfg extends uvm_object;

typedef enum {




} data_width_enum;

rand data_width_enum data_width = DATA_WIDTH_8;



function new (string name = "my_cfg");



class my_trans extends uvm_object;

my_cfg cfg;

rand bit [31:0] data;

constraint reasonable_data {

(cfg.data_width == DATA_WIDTH_8) -> data[31:8] ==0 ;

(cfg.data_width == DATA_WIDTH_16) -> data[31:16] ==0;




function new (......);




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