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does someone knows the how to bind sequence to sequence ?

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ubus_base_sequence is a virtual base class which is never directly bound to the ubus_master_sequencer. Instead a specific subclass such as the read_modify_write_seq in examples/ubus/integrated/examples/ubus_example_master_seq_lib.sv is bound to the sequencer. You can see an example where read_modify_write_seq is bound to the sequencer in the test_read_modify_write class in examples/ubus/integrated/examples/test_lib.sv. Here the connection is made through the uvm_config_db.


There are other ways such as

    seq = read_modify_write_seq::type_id::create("seq");

or in the run_phase:

    seq = read_modify_write_seq::type_id::create("seq");

I hope that this helps.

Best Regards


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