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help needed how to do a backdoor access to individual fields in the register in UVM

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Depending on you <spirit:vendorExtensions> (I don't know what your generator does.) -- but you should be able to set a unique path per field as a vendor extension. The issue that I see with this is that typically you make an HDL hierarchy , and you seem to have a hard path. It really doesn't matter -- it just makes moving the fields around generically (and abstract) less usable.

for instance you could do this:

     <!-- You can add a hard coded a path per field -->

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Thank you amitshere for replying but in my case each register fields points to different dut paths.so i wanted to know how to assign different Hdl paths for each register fields.

UVM supports specifying a concatenation of HDL paths for a register backdoor access. But it is a generator-specific feature how to specify the HDL paths for the fields. You need to contact your generator vendor to answer that question.

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