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  1. Hi Balasubramanian, I think you need to give a full hdl path of your block and separate it with configure() and add_hdl_path(). These two functions all add hdl path to the reg block. add_hdl_path() can append hdl_path at the current path, while configure should be called in different files like top level env files. Hope this can help you. Regards, Euphemia
  2. Hi lisakb1963, Do we have to add tags to each fields or just add register names? I'm new to this technique, trying to find out a way to add hierarchical hdl_path in python codes to generate the xml schema. But not sure how to deal with the hierarchical path. Does it have to be an exact path or just a tag and then clarify at last in the 8 bit register name? Thanks.
  3. Hi rhegde, Have you found out the way to specify hdl_path in xml schema generated by python? I'm also working on it. Thanks. Euphemia
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