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printing some messages to separate logfile

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I would like to have a class which prints uvm_info/uvm_debug type messages, but to a different output file (rather than to default output, where everything else goes). It's not clear to me how to go about that - everything I've tried has resulted in printing to the normal output, so I think there's some big-picture thing I'm missing. I created a test-case with uvm_report_object, gave it output filename, etc. but all output still goes to default output.

I suspect it's just a few lines of code, but I'm stuck. I've searched here, all the UVM websites I could find, and I can't find anything. Could someone possibly post an example?



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Guest joseph.steve

@ blunter

Thanks blunter because your sharing stuff has made this very easy to understand.In fact in the beginning i could not understand the real matter indeed but after watching this video i have got known the real idea.

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