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How to reuse and assign virtual interface for multi-interface environment?

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I am creating the testbench that includes 2 flash memory, so I instance 2 flash_if in top testbench, but some signals I found second instance (flash_if1) seems not assigned well.

I dump the waveform of flash_if0 and flash_if1, when receiving the flash reset command, the flash signals on both flash_if0 and flash_if1 are the same.

The reset detection mechanism in flash_bus_monitor[0] works well, but the same detection in flash_bus_monitor[1] doesn't work.:confused:

Please kindly help.

top testbench:

flash_if flash_if0 ();
flash_if flash_if1 ();

initial begin
  uvm_config_db#(virtual flash_if)::set(uvm_root::get(), "*flash_monitor[0]", "flash_if0", flash_if0);
  uvm_config_db#(virtual flash_if)::set(uvm_root::get(), "*flash_monitor[1]", "flash_if0", flash_if1); //this one looks not work

UVM environment:

flash_bus_monitor flash_monitor[2];
function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);
  for (byte i=0; i<2; i++)
    flash_monitor[i] = flash_bus_monitor::type_id::create($sformatf("flash_monitor[%0d]",i) , this);
endfunction : build_phase


virtual flash_if flash_if0;
function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);
  if(!uvm_config_db#(virtual flash_if)::get(this, "", "flash_if0", flash_if0))
   `uvm_fatal("NOVIF",{"virtual interface must be set for: ",get_full_name(),".flash_if0"}); //neither flash_monitor[0] nor flash_monitor[1] trigger this fatal
endfunction: build_phase

Thanks in advance.

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There is a typo in top testbench. You need to change the third argument of the second uvm_config_db call to "flash_if1".

But I only instantiated only one flash_if called "flash_if0".

I thought I can assign different interfaces to the same "flash_if0" of different flash_monitor?

My intention: (not SV syntax, just concept)

flash_monitor[0].flash_if0 = top_testbench.flash_if0;
 flash_monitor[1].flash_if[COLOR="red"]0[/COLOR] = top_testbench.flash_if1;
Is this possible?

Or I need to instantiate many flash_if in flash_bus_monitor. Then :

flash_monitor[0].flash_if0 = top_testbench.flash_if0;
 flash_monitor[1].flash_if[COLOR="red"]1[/COLOR] = top_testbench.flash_if1;

Anyway, I will try it out.

Thanks, Pratta.

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I see. I didn't notice that there were two different monitor class instances. You're right that you should be able to pass the two different interface instances to the two different monitor instances.

Thanks Pratta.

I have fixed this issue, that was my bad.

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