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I am completely new to SystemC, and I will be utilizing SystemC to develop MAC unit for convolution operations. HOW START


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For starters:

  1. Because SystemC leans heavily on almost all aspects of C++, how well do you know C++?
    1. If you have only loose knowlege (e.g., you really only know the C subset), then you should take a course on C++. There are many sources both online and in-person.
  2. Do you have a copy of the IEEE-1666 standard? The 2023 version is available for free download as a PDF from systemc.org
  3. Consider taking a course on SystemC (usually not free). It will help you avoid many mistakes and avoid misconceptions.
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We have an upcoming online Fundamentals of SystemC course the week after next. The timing for this session is set up for the Americas. You will also see that there are other options for Europe and Asia. Learn more and signup via https://www.doulos.com/training/soc-design-and-verification/systemc-tlm-20/fundamentals-of-systemc-online/.

Warning: I am biased as I am employed by Doulos. I am also the assigned instructor for this session. You may see my bio at https://www.linkedin/in/dcblack

You may see other company offers in training via https://systemc.org/resources/training/.

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