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uvm phasing problem

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Hi all,

I am runnig into an issue in UVM Phasing.

I have an agent which is incorporating the new UVM Phases of configure_phase and main_phase. In configure i am configuring VIP and in main_phase run tasks are called.

I have a Driver which runs on run_phase as i want it to run always and do not want any effect for phase jumping.

There is a uvm_event in the driver which is triggered everytime sequence_item_port gets in run_phase.

I am waiting for this event in main_phase of the agent.

I see the uvm_event is getting triggered but this trigger is not read in agent. The uvm event is global a property of driver and not local to run_phase.

If I change the main_phase of agent to run_phase then this event trigger is read.

I am clueless



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