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SC_THREAD parallel execution


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SystemC processes use a cooperative multitasking model of computation. Thus on face-value, the answer is "no"; however, proficient C++ programmers can obtain a level of pre-emptive concurrency by careful and proper application of proper mutexes or atomics in combination with creation of asynchronous primitive channels using async_request_update() in the channel. The new IEEE-1666-2023 standard introduces some essential new components to make this work properly. A public review version of the SystemC version 3.0 PoC library should be released this week and supports this.

IMPORTANT: IEEE-1666-2023 requires C++17 (Modern C++) or later for this to work. There are no alternatives. This usually requires use of the -std=c++17 compiler switch both for library installation and compiling your applications. Proficient C++ programmers won't have any issue with this.

See https://systemc.org/events/scef202309/ for more information. Also, download the latest IEEE standard.

I highly suggest using the CMake configuration and installation process to simplify your life.

By "proficient", I mean practitioners with proper formal C++ training. Googling, hacking and chatGPT simply won't cut it. Either you know and understand C++ fully or you will have a very tough time getting it right.


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