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I use tlm_extension to set/get trans extension, when does the memeory I new to delete?

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OK. I have read the source code of systemc. And I found that ~tlm_generic_payload will call extension free.




// Destructor


tlm_generic_payload::~tlm_generic_payload() {

    for(unsigned int i=0; i<m_extensions.size(); i++)

        if(m_extensions[i]) m_extensions[i]->free();




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This depends slightly on the coding style (Loosely timed (LT) vs Approximately Timed (AT)) and the extension classification. For AT, if you use the auto-extension mechanism, then the memory manager can do this for you. For sticky extensions, you don't remove the extension at all because it gets reused. For LT, it should be done in the component that creates the extension when the transaction is closing.

This is a relatively complex topic, which is covered in the Doulos TLM Adopter course, among other places.

[Note: I work as an instructor at Doulos.]

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