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How to create a multi-socket with protocol of AXI4?

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Hey, guys

I found an example of AXI4 with TLM2 which only adapt to single socket. Now I wonder if I can use multi_passthrough_initiator_socket and multi_passthrough_target_socket to build AXI4 noc. 

And now I am stuck by the code. I really need your help.

Best wishes.

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It depends on what level of abstraction you want to use to model AXI4. For LT level multi-socket should be ok. But to model at AT level you are better off using an sc_vector of sockets as each socket has its own timing and state.

But I'm wondering: why would you want to use multi passthrough sockets? What gainusing them would you expect?

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To your orginal question: yes, you can use multi-passthrough sockets to model a NoC. You need to implement the AT protocol (depending on the socket id) and bind it to the sockets, there is no difference. There is one drawback you might encounter: if you need to hierarchically bind the sockets of your NoC and split the connections this will not be possible.This is because multi_passthrough_target_socket does not bind to tlm::target_socket, only to tlm::initialtor_socket.

Therefore my suggestion to use a sc_vector of TLM sockets...

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