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Making SystemC code synthesizable using Vivado HLS, arrays of ports.


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Hello everyone,
i am very new to both systemc and HLS. I have systemc code that I am trying to synthesize using Vivado HLS 2019.2 (since it still supports Systemc).
The systemc  code works fine but was not originally written for Synthesis and I am trying to make it synthesizable. 
I have a problem since the source code has arrays of ports for example: 

sc_in<sc_int<8>> input [10];
sc_out<sc_int<8>> output[10];

that are connected to arrays of signals, example: 

sc_signal<sc_int<8>> sig[10];

What is the best way to making the code synthesizable? I tried pragmas but the arrays are defined in the SC_Module in the header files and not inside functions, I believe this is causing the following error: 

ERROR: [HLS 200-70] '#pragma HLS ARRAY_PARTITION variable=input type=complete dim=0' is not a valid pragma

I also tested using

  sc_in<sc_lv<80>> input

, however I am not sure of connecting the port to a signal array since using 


 is causing errors and also i am not sure how to connect sc_out with another sc_out when using sc_lv. 

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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EDIT: the Pragma was indeed an invalid Pragma. I edited it to 

#pragma HLS ARRAY_PARTITION variable=input complete dim=0

Which results in the ERROR: Pragmas need to be inside functions. I created a function that I call in the constructor of the Module which defines the pragmas. Now I get the error  Unsupport array declarator of port. Which I get with no Pragmas as well. I suppose it indicates that I am using arrays of ports which is not synthesizable. Meaning the Pragmas are not working in this case. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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