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How to use range() with sc_signal?


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Below is a snippet of the stimulus I am giving to my design. I want all of the assignments to be non-blocking and so I have declared everything as sc_signal. However, the problem arises with the need to use range()

Here ACC, B and Y use range(). Since range() cannot be used with sc_signal, I used a copy of them as a sc_bv. I think because of this, the statements are becoming blocking assignments in between and these signals are always 0 in my waveform.

Please suggest ways to deal with this problem.


    sc_signal<sc_bv<M> >A;
    sc_signal<sc_bv<M> >B;
    sc_signal<sc_bv<1<<M> > FUNC;
    constexpr static int size = ceil(log2(M));
    sc_signal<sc_uint<size> > FUNC_ADDR;
    sc_signal<sc_bv<N> > LOAD_CORE;

    constexpr static int size_addr = ceil(log2(2*(N-1)));
    sc_signal<sc_bv<N*size_addr> > AIN_ADDR;
    sc_signal<sc_bv<N*size_addr> > BIN_ADDR;

    sc_signal<sc_bv<2*N> > SRC_MODE;
    sc_signal<sc_bv<2*N> > IN_MODE;

    sc_signal<sc_bv<N> > RUN;
    //sc_clock clk("clock", 6, SC_NS);
    //sc_signal<bool> clk;
    sc_in_clk clk;
    sc_signal<bool> reset;
    constexpr static int size_y_addr = ceil(log2(N));
    sc_signal<sc_bv<size_y_addr> > Y_ADDR;
    sc_signal<sc_bv<M> > Y;
    sc_signal <sc_bv<16> > Accumulator;

    sc_bv<16> ACC = 0;
    sc_bv<M> B_copy;









                B_copy = B.read();
                B_copy.range(3,0) = ACC.range(3,0);

                Y_copy = Y.read();
                B_copy.range(3,0) = ACC.range(7,4);

                  B_copy.range(3,0) = ACC.range(11,8);

                Y_copy = Y.read();
                ACC.range(7,4) = Y_copy.range(3,0);
                B_copy.range(3,0) = ACC.range(15,12);


                wait(clk.posedge_event()); //7
                  ACC.range(11,8) = Y_copy.range(3,0);


                  ACC.range(15,12) = Y_copy.range(3,0);


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SystemC has no comcept of blocking or non-blocking assignments. If you write to a signal you write to the signal immediatly and the result becomes visible in the next delta cycle.

So you parts like

Y_copy = Y.read();
ACC.range(7,4) = Y_copy.range(3,0);

are correct. You may shortern this to

ACC.range(7,4) = Y.read().range(3,0);

So you may have an issue in other parts of your code.

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