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Systemc2.3.4 doesnot generate a .a file?

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I have been trying to use Systemc2.3.4 instead of 2.3.3. I have installed 2.3.4 and have run a small sample program which ran. I am currently testing out the example provided within "/systemc/examples/sysc/". Whenever I run make for any of these programs I am met with:

make: *** No rule to make target '/opt/systemc/lib/libsystemc.a', needed by '-----.x'.  Stop.

I have checked /opt/systemc/lib/ and there are only .so files present! Did I do something wrong in terms of the installation? or should I be doing some editing in the makefiles for these programs? 

I should also point out that "make check" had 0 fails when I run it after make command. And that log showed the target for simple_fifo.x was built and successfully tested. What am I missing?

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How did you install your SystemC?

  1. autotools (i.e., mkdir build && cd build && ../configure --prefix=INSTALLDIR && make && make install)
  2. cmake (i.e., cmake -B build; cmake --build build; cmake --install build)

Did you *carefully* read the install instructions (every point) or did you just rush through without comprehending what each step does?

What platform (i.e., machine), OS (i.e., Ubuntu, CentOS, macOS, mingw, ...), OS version #, and compilers (i.e., GCC, LLVM) are you using?

What new features of SystemC 2.3.4 are you attempting to exploit?

Have you considered adding the SystemC lib path to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable (to capture the .so files)?


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