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waiting for a resource in a method

Phani Karthik

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Hi All,


Iam new to systemC and Iam stuck in a scenario while using methods and want the community's help kindly.

Basically My scenario is like the one snap i have attached.

Iam deep inside a call stack of methods and at one point I will check if a resource (timer in this case) is available.

Now If I was using a thread here, I would have used WAIT() for an event that informs that timers are available now.

But since iam inside method, I cannot wait here nor loop here waiting for the resource.

Can you please help suggest how should I handle this scenario? 

What I tried:

a) If i return back from the inner check, then nce the timer is available, will not be able to 

    come back to the same point as no context will be saved.

b) I cannot do a busy wait as simulation time will not proceed.(Timers will never be available)


PS: Iam only allowed to systemc method (and NOT a thread).


Thanks & Regards,






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Why use SC_METHOD instead of SC_THREAD?

If your answer is performance, you are very likely committing the sin of premature optimization. The overhead of SC_THREAD is very minimal (a few percentage points), and the benefit of easier coding is very high. SystemC is as much about faster coding as it is about high-performance models.

Anything you can do in SC_THREAD can be accomplished in SC_METHOD, but with a complexity cost (i.e., increased development time and the likelihood of bugs). You could use next_trigger( time); return, and add some state to your code in order to resume at the proper point.

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