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NO Components instatiated (UVm, IUS 11.2)

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I am using IUS 11.2, I have supplied UVM_TESTNAME=test_name in command line arguments ,then also I am getting following error. What can be the cause for that?

Error Message : "UVM_FATAL @ 2004: reporter [NOCOMP] No components instantiated.

You must instantiate at least one component before calling run_test.

To run a test, use +UVM_TESTNAME or supply the test name in the

argument to run_test(). Exiting simulation."

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well, there are several causes:

- you have a typo and didnt use +UVM_TESTNAME=test_name on the commandline

- your test with the name "test_name" is not present (different name or typo) or has not been registered with the factory

- you didnt compile the class test_name (forgot to compile/include)

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Hi uwes,

I have checked properly once again,

If suppose I give testname in run_test() arguments, its taking correctly,

But If I give in command line vie +UVM_TESTNAME=test_name then it is not taking correctly,

What can be the cause for that?

I am using IUS11.1-g128.

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i still would bet that this is simply an invocation issue. if this is a script switch on command trace (set verbose or set -x) if this is a make (make -n). also double check that the option preceeding +UVM_TESTNAME=foo is not an option taking an arg and you didnt supply that arg (if so +UVM_TESTNAME=foo becomes the arg to the ius invocation option)


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