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Timer with interrupts using Loosely Timed Implementation


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I am beginner in SystemC and wants to learn concept of loosely timed implementation on my timer code. I got some idea on LT but unable to implement following functionalities .

How can I apply following functionalities in my code

  1. Timer model should not have pin for clock and there should be some provision through which clock interval can be provided to timer model. Either it can be a constructor argument or may add an API.
  2. Timer should not count/increment at every clock edge, rather we should apply mathematical formulas to calculate when the interrupts will be generated.

 Please help me out.

My code link:https://www.edaplayground.com/x/Dqz

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This looks suspiciously like assigned homework at a university. The description of the task is quite clear. I don't believe it would be fair to you or your classmates for anybody here to provide you with a solution.

I will provide you with a few function clues:

  1. sc_core::wait( sc_time )
  2. sc_core::sc_time_stamp()

You should be able to solve this problem. Read the textbook if all else fails.


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