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How to implement adding function using next_trigger in SC_METHOD?


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Hi @David Black,

Thanks for answering my question.

This I have implemented earlier but in this way I am not getting correct out.

MY testbench input is 

@0ns a=0     b=0. Out=0

@5ns a=5.     b=0. Out=5

@8ns a=5.     b=10 out=15

@15ns a=7.     b=7 out=14

And I should get output after 2ns so the output will be appear at 

@0ns a=0     b=0. Out=0


@7ns a=5.     b=0. Out=5


@10ns a=5.     b=10 out=15


@17ns a=7.     b=7 out=14

Above code is not fulfilling this requirement.

It would be great if you provide some insights on this requirement.

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The code that uses SC_THREAD has two waits:

    wait();//wait for sensitive list to occur
      		cout<<"\nWriting on out,at time"<<sc_time_stamp();


The first `wait` blocks until one of the entries in its static sensitivity fires:


The SC_METHOD replacement has only a single `next_trigger` - so it is not equivalent to the earlier implementation:

  int c;

You need to implement a state machine in the SC_METHOD using next_triggers if you want the same behavior. Check this post for example:


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