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uvm_reg_bit_bash_seq always write value 1

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uvm_reg_bit_bash_seq always writes value 1, both the times and always keep the exp value to default value of the register.

in this sequence bash_kth_bit task i tried just adding rg.set(val) after write is done. it started working fine.

i am using uvm-1.0p1 version of UVM package.

Does anyone face this issue in uvm-1.1 also? or is it fixed in new version?

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i am just using uvm_reg_bit_bash_seq which is with UVM package. monitoring is not done in my defined sequence.

this is how i am using it.

uvm_reg_bit_bash_seq pie8_ral_seq = uvm_reg_bit_bash_seq::type_id::create("pie8_ral_seq",this)

pie8_ral_seq.model = tbEnv.regmodel;


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The pre-defined sequence depends on the mirror being properly updated in a timely manner between consecutive register operations. I suspect that it is that mirror update that is too slow.

Make a copy of the pre-defined sequence and add a delay before a register read or write and see if that fixes it. if it does, your monitoring path is slower than your stimulus path.

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