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Trying to build/install SystemC from github


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I am trying to use this repo https://github.com/amiq-consulting/fc4sc and build its example code.  The code uses the systemc.h header.  I am on linux and I don't have access to systemc.h so I found your repo: https://github.com/accellera-official/systemc

I was able to build the code despite the error in the INSTALLmd.  https://github.com/accellera-official/systemc/issues/29

However, after running the final step of the install `gmake check and gmake install` I did not get any errors.  I was expecting during the `gmake install` to at least get an error about not having permissions to modify a system directory.  A quick check with `updatedb` and `locate systemc.h` shows that its still in the original source dirs.  So, I am not real sure what install actually did.


Looking at the Makefile I see a lot of install-x targets and they all seem to be documentation related. install-man, install-html, etc.


Is this library intended to be used as is?  ie. for user code, you simply point the include path at repo/include/systemc.h? or rep/src/systemc.h?  Neither of these are located in the repo/objdir directory.




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There's a lot more you need to learn I suspect. Hopefully, you are a strong C++ coder and good with templates. I can provide a few pointers and a general comment or two.

1. Prefer <systemc> over "systemc.h". The latter contains some questionable C++ coding practices w.r.t. header files, but remains in the standard for legacy code.

2. The installation should have pointed you to an installation directory, where you will find an include/ and lib/ directory. You should at the include/ directory's path to your compilation switches, and add the library directory (usually lib/ or lib-linux/) to your linker options.

3. Make sure you compile everything with the same compiler and C++ standard version.

4. During the install process you should find some instructions to specify where to install. Personally, I usually choose $HOME/.local/apps/systemc (creating the intermediates as needed). That way I won't need root privileges to install.

Personally, I find using the cmake build approach smoother than autotools.

Want to learn more? We have some free tutorials and other resources under https://doulos.com/knowhow/systemc/ (Full disclosure: I work for Doulos as an instructor.)

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Ahh, I got a reply on the github issue tracker.  I had cloned the git repo but did not checkout a particular tag or branch.   Later I got it to build.


David, in regards to your response.  Many thanks.  I'll save these comments to my notes as I learn systemc enough to do my job.  Many thanks!

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