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What exactly is reset_signal_is function doing?


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I'm new to SystemC and am a student that is highly passionate in hardware verification.

However, I'm having difficult time understanding what the reset_signal_is function is doing.

What I think its doing is reseting all of the non-sc_inputs/outputs.

The reason why I think this is because in the fir filter example I found there isn't any reseting of the 'taps' of the filter pipeline.

Does reset_signal_is performing this reset automatically?

Thank you!

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The reset_signal_is() method stop any currently executing process when the designated signal channel becomes active (high or low depending on the arguments). Then it resets the context of the thread-style processes so that they are called from the beginning. It does not actually reset or change the values of any other channels. It does not need to do that for the method-style processes because they don't hold any state like threads do.


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