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Sft constraint vs weighted constraint

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We use the below constraint wrt "unaligned_transfer".



  constraint axi_narrow_unaligned_c {
        unaligned_transfer dist {1'b0 := 10 , 1'b1 := 90};
        soft unaligned_addr_offset == 'h0;
        solve unaligned_transfer before unaligned_addr_offset;
        (unaligned_transfer == 1'b1) -> unaligned_addr_offset inside {'h1,'h2,'h3};



There is a soft value = 0, provided for unaligned_addr_offset, and a weighted distribution allowed for  unaligned_transfer


What we observe is that the simulator always select "unaligned_transfer" = 0. Looks like its trying to prioritise the soft constraint. Is this expected?


Could you someone please point the LRM section where I can try to understand the expected simulator behaviour here?




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Section 18.5.14 of the 2017 LRM says "when there is no solution that satisfies all active hard constraints (if any) simultaneously with a constraint defined as soft, the solver shall discard that soft constraint and find a solution that satisfies the remaining constraints".  In this case, there is a solution that satisfies all the constraints, unaligned_transfer == 0.  I am guessing you hoped that the "solve..before" would mean unaligned_transfer was first chosen sometimes to be 1, thus making the soft constraint not satisfiable.  However, 18.5.10 states "solve..before" does not change legal sets, just distributions within the legal set: "Adding this order constraint does not change the set of legal value combinations, but alters their probability of occurrence"

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